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Basco’s roots date back to 1982, when it was first founded as a local agency operating in the marine field. Through dedication and collaboration with major marine manufacturers and shipyards worldwide, Basco has become a major supplier of lightering vessels and ferryboats for the Suez Canal Authority in addition to floating docks for Lake Nasser.

From 1985 to 1989, Basco expanded the business in the marine field to cover Nile Cruiser supplies including pre-fabricated shower units, ceilings, insulated fire rated panels, propulsion units, food service equipment and laundry facilities. In addition, Basco launched the Ghamra factory as its first local production line for the fabrication of insulated fire rated panels, fire doors and ceilings. Due to distinguished performance and an excellent reputation, Basco has succeeded in the execution and completion of contracts for more than 100 Nile cruisers.

By the early 1990’s Basco established itself as a leading private sector supplier of kitchen equipment for hotels, hospitals, and beach resorts, where it succeeded in securing a remarkable number of projects. In response to market demand for specialized electromechanical contractors, Basco incorporated additional lines of supplies for laundry and heating equipment including related electromechanical works, and improved its system to provide the service of contracting / subcontracting for a complete turnkey package covering all lines of products and services.

Basco implemented manufacturing plants in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates to meet the demand for special fabricated items:

  • Basco Stainless Steel Factory in Egypt
  • Basco Ghamra Factory in Egypt
  • Ras Al Khaimah S/S Factory in the United Arab Emirates

To accommodate our clients’ ever-growing needs for Basco services in the region, Basco inaugurated its subsidiaries in the Middle East and North Africa . The region is covered by

  • Basco Engineering and Trading in Egypt
  • Basco International in United Arab Emirates
  • Basco Qatar

Company Founded


Between 1985 and 1989 Basco expanded its operations to include propulsions systems and this period also witnessed the opening of the Ghamra factory for panels and BASCO's first ever production line. BASCO quickly earned a strong reputation in its field and to date has completed over 100 Nile Cruisers contracts.


By the early 1990s BASCO has established itself as a leading suppliers of kitchen equipment for hotels, hospitals and holiday resorts. Ever responsive to the needs of its clients BASCO began to incorporate laundry and heating equipment and to offer contracting /subcontracting services.


BASCO went on to open manufacturing plants in both Egypt and the United Arab Emirates in order to meet the demand for special fabricated items. It also opened subsidiaries in the Middle East and North Africa. And, Additionally, BASCO incorporated a comprehensive range of leisure boats, bow-riders and yachts.


Opened Basco International in Dubai and our Factory BascoRak in Ras El Khima




Who We Are

Basco is a company that specializes in the supply and installation of professional kitchen & laundry equipment. Our in-house stainless steel fabrication gives us the flexibility to best serve our clients.


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Founder Vision

Dear Partners,

BASCO’s high-performance levels are based on our reliability and professionalism and the fact that we are constantly striving for excellence.

For the past four decades, BASCO’s continual efforts to improve and develop have resulted in an unprecedented position within the local, regional and global markets. Our aim for the coming years is to maintain this supremacy and to build further our operations abroad. We are always seeking to widen our reach in order to better serve our clients.

Our decision, eagerness and commitment to good service ensure maximum client satisfaction and exponential growth for future operations. BASCO is your guarantee for a solid business partnership.

My sincere regards,

Sherif Fanous,


Our Services

At Basco, our qualified team of professionals offers comprehensive services. From the initial stages of consulting and design, through supply and installation, to a fast-responding after-sales service, you can count on Basco to assist with your project. We have the experience and the capability to support you through all the stages of your particular enterprise.



Sale of premium kitchen and laundry equipment.



Providing the necessary know-how in installation in test and commissioning of kitchen and laundry equipment.


Service and Preventative Maintenance

Providing one year warranty on all equipment supplied by BASCO. In addition to the available services of preventative maintenance contracts and preferred service provider.


Professional feedback

Send us your questions or inquiries and we will provide any beneficial information.


Engineering services

Using four decades of knowledge in all forms of commercial kitchens. i.e, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cafe's, catering facilities, staff dining, etc.



Providing the best value for money for our clients.


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Our Factories

We have two stainless steel fabrication facilities. One in Cairo Egypt and one in Ras Al Khaimah UAE.

Badr Factory

Badr industrial region, warehouse 19b , fourth district , ,Cairo, Egypt




Technology Park -rak Free Zone
Shade 12 - Warehouse 5 B-6-7-8

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